MBA Master of Business Administration Education and Certification

Master of Business Administration (MBA) Education and Certification is now accessible to everyone. People from around the world are considering this important business and management step for their life.

We would like also to announce the Master Project Management program of PM.MBA as a new opportunity for everyone willing to join the educational field of project management practices.

Doncho Angelov is Director of Business Development at SEGA. He has a master’s degree in computer science from the Technical University of Sofia, as well as a master’s degree in business administration (Executive MBA, Master of Business Administration) from the American University in Bulgaria (AUB).

He has worked as a software developer at several companies, including the Microsoft Development Center in Copenhagen. Since 2011, he has been building the representation of the Danish company Milestone Systems. In 2018 he took over the creation of the Bulgarian Development Services Center of Excellence at SEGA.

– How did you go about your Master of Business Administration (MBA) program?

– I started my MBA (Master of Business Administration) program in my fifth year as a manager of Milestone Systems Bulgaria. Building my local office from scratch, I gained a lot of practical knowledge in all areas of managing this business.

In the AUBG program, I saw the opportunity to relate my practical skills to contemporary management theory.

But the MBA program gave me a lot more. In addition to the knowledge and skills I was looking for, I also found lifelong friends and friends.

– Did you fully devote yourself to the MBA, or did you have the opportunity to combine training with professional commitments?

– I chose to combine work and learning. The principles on which the Executive MBA program is built, taking into account the fact that participants are working. Undoubtedly, the regular working day brings an element of difficulty.

On the other hand, many projects are more logical if you use your work challenges to solve them. The working student has the opportunity to experiment directly in his daily life with everything he would otherwise have heard only as theory and practice during his studies.

Today I think that even if I could only devote myself to learning, it would be a mistake.

– Why did you choose to get your MBA degree in Bulgaria?

– I work in Bulgaria. Here are my colleagues; here is the organization I am hired to build. I could not afford to spend at least another 10 hours traveling, and frequent trips abroad would complicate and make the endeavor more expensive.

Of course, the question “Why not distance learning?” I believe that lasting knowledge and skills are best built in the form of attendance. Live contact is invaluable.

Although today’s technology is designing speech and picture thousands of miles away when a colleague is near you, you can read the emotion much better, understand and participate in the learning process much more fully and excitingly.

A nice, heated debate on the subject cannot currently happen so well virtually! And then you can’t shake your opponent’s hand, greet him, or be greeted.

– The MBA (Master of Business Administration) Diploma attracts more and more people like you, active in the IT field. How does MBA training meet your real business and management challenges?

– Everything learned in the program has direct application in the field in which I work, and in the positions, I occupy. In our industry, people are single and most important capital.

Many of the elements of training are directed specifically at them: what is the most appropriate design of our organization; how to recognize the right people for our team; how to keep them; how to use mistakes as a mechanism for growth; how to convey this knowledge to our team and how to build leaders around us.

– How much training has put you outside your comfort zone?

– A person learns best and fastest right outside his comfort zone. Of course, our natural ambition is to return quickly to our comfort zone, but this is why attending MBA training allows teachers to bring us back to the growing area quickly.

– To what extent is your MBA (Master of Business Administration) degree related to your decision to change your job a year ago?

– This type of training makes you accustomed to being out of your comfort zone. Changing jobs when taking a high management position is not easy, but sometimes necessary. It is necessary for you, but often necessary for the organization.

– What advice would you give to people looking for an MBA or Executive MBA program?

– Do not underestimate the program, because they will have many interesting, but also very busy months. Approach learning with positivism. And do not waste useful energy – one that will move them forward, despite the difficulties.

Keep relationships with their colleagues in the program – these are the people they will work with, struggle with projects and difficulties and rely on for a lifetime. Do not lose hope, because as hard as it may be, it will be worth it in the end. To plan now what they will do with the free time that will appear to them after the end of the training.

– If you were yet to choose an MBA program, would it be helpful for you to meet with business school representatives in person, and what questions would you ask them?

– I would enroll in the MBA program only after personal meetings with representatives of the respective educational institution. Choosing an MBA is not like choosing a movie ticket. Good planning is important because an MBA is part of one’s personal and professional life for at least a year and a half, and the benefits are for life.

I would ask the MBA representatives: if they have completed this program; what is the best thing they have left as memory and why; how much the program changed after they were completed; Do they keep a “warm connection” with their colleagues from the MBA cohort.


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